Friday, September 5, 2014

Joan Now, And Forever (Perfume Review: Joan Rivers Private Reserve, Now And Forever)

I've been affected by the death of Joan Rivers at age 81. I remember as a young kid, I used to wait for those times when she hosted The Tonight Show. She had that outrageous sense of humor, and I identified with it so much. I can't say that I understood all her jokes at that time, but I always tried to remember them, and at times even looked up what they meant - and this was before they had Google accessibility. And through the years, I have sort of followed her around, and saw her stand-up act numerous times, even going to her Broadway forays. She still had a lot of performances in her, I felt. It's not like she has retired, and has been out of the public eye. Today I give tribute to her in my own little way by wearing her scent, Now And Forever, from her Private Reserve collection. Now And Forever doesn't really break new ground, as far as perfumes go. But it is a very well done floral with hints of fruit. It's a lively scent, and it wears well. The heart is a floral melange of water lilly, tuberose and honeysuckle. It's a well-balanced concoction, transparent but not too much - there's a definite punch to the flowers. There are hints of peach and pineapple just to balance it, and the fruit never takes center stage. I liken this to a classic Estee Lauder perfume, which is just the kind of style I associate with her. (I read that she wears Patou Joy)  It's wearable, it's elegant, and it doesn't pretend to be anything else but that. I think that's Joan to me, and today i wear this perfume proudly.

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