Friday, July 29, 2011

America's Clean Sweetheart

What does America's Sweetheart smell like? Well, if your definition of America's Sweetheart is Jennifer Aniston, then it would smell like a clean white floral with some clean jasmine. That's the impression I got from her eponymous fragrance. If you like heady white florals, this perfume is not for you - it's much too clean. If you like indolic jasmine, this scent is not for you - it's much too clean. Clean, clean, clean - Jennifer writes in the copy that  this scent reminds her of the smells when she was growing up in California, She must have taken a lot of showers when she was young, for this really smells like the classic Johnson's Baby Cologne, but not literally. It is more a "grown-up" version of it, but still...clean. Maybe I was (mistakenly) expecting some kind of musk, but it is just soapy clean. Some people have described this as a beach-y scent, and I can see where they are coming from, but there's not enough saltiness in it for me. (I'd take Bronze Goddess by Estee Lauder or Fire Island by Bond no 5 for the beach definition)  Surprisingly, I don't dislike Jennifer Aniston's scent. It's easy to wear, and cheap enough that it can be an "everyday" scent. I could easily see myself reaching for it on days that I cannot choose what to wear, and want to feel clean...and safe. For a Celebrity scent, it's a little more interesting than your average fruity floral. If it had a little more longevity, it would even be better. But then again, clean only lasts so long.  

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