Friday, July 29, 2011

Love At First Click

I won an e-book of "Click" via Chick Lit Central (my second win over there!) and the author herself, Lisa Becker, emailed me the book. I actually did not know that you could send a book to Kindle. I thought you had to buy books from Amazon to read them on it. But, I googled the instructions on less than a minute later - there it was, on my list of Kindle books. "Click," the novel, is told entirely on email, mostly told from the point of view of the main character, Renee Greene and her three friends, Ashley, Shelley, and Mark. Of course, each friend has a distinctive (read: cliched) trait: Mark is anal-retentive, Shelley is sex crazed,  and Ashley is a prude who is stuck in an abusive relationship. It made me wonder how they were all friends to begin with, but that's okay, I'll play along. I kind of like the idea of the story told in email form, because it gives you perspective of each of the characters' voices. However, it seemed to me that there weren't variance on the voices of the characters. In fact, i thought they sounded all the same that after a while, you couldn't tell one from the other. It would have made a more enjoyable read for me if the characters were given more distinct personalities. Renee's character sometimes infuriated me - her actions at times seem to be at odds with her words. But underneath it all, there's a sweet and simple love story. If I had spent more time reading this, I wouldn't be as generous, but the book kept me company on a recent coast-to-coast flight so I guess it was tolerable enough. 

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