Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Played Out By The Band

I found out about Amy Winehouse's death on Facebook. There was a torrent of status updates as soon as people heard about her passing. I was instantly sad, but can't say I was terribly surprised. News about her "hot mess" lifestyle have been circulating for a while now. Perhaps this is the reason why she had such pain in her voice. It's funny how I hear pain in almost all the "tortured" voices from Billie Holiday to Judy Garland to Karen Carpenter to Kurt Cobaine and now Amy. Maybe that's why each one of their voices have a melancholy undertone. I especially hear it in Amy's voice, too. My favorite Amy Winehouse song of all time is "Love Is A Losing Game." it's not one of her biggest hits (it's the fourth of fifth single from her big 'Back To Black' album) I think her voice perfectly translates the sad, ironic, slightly bitter tone of the lyric. That's how I would describe her voice. Of course, her voice means so much more than those words, but for this song, that's what they are.

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