Saturday, July 9, 2011

Crowne Jewels In Search Of A Movie

Sometimes it sucks being "different." It's Summer, and I am really not interested in the Summer Blockbusters. Transformers don't titillate me, I thought X-Men was a porn flick , and I presumed The Green Lantern was something you put out on your porch during the Christmas season. So I am left with something like "Larry Crowne," which is a romantic comedy starring Tom Hanks and Julia Roberts. At first, the idea was kind fo appealing: an adult romantic story starring real adults. 

But this romantic comedy was neither romantic nor comedic. Both Hanks and Julia are game, and they show up ready...but they and their personas are bigger than this movie. They eat it up, and the movie is too.. nothing. It's akin to the King and Queen showing up to a party, and they are serving watermelon seeds. It's such a waste of star wattage.  Plus, the two movie stars have zilch chemistry. When they kiss, you can feel that they are awkward and having a "are-we-really-doing-this" kind of moment, as they almost roll their eyes.  The whole time, I kept on thinking, they must be really great friends for Julia to agree to star in this, and I wonder if Hanks paid her usual rate. This movie would be good for 100 minutes of airconditioning on a hot summer day, but, frankly, not much more than that. Maybe I should rethink my apathy for Harry Potter. 

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