Tuesday, July 12, 2011

After The Rain

The Martin Margiela fashion line has always been associated with avante garde fashion back when Margiela himself was designing for the house. I havent' checked if that tag can still be applied for its current line. The House's first scent, Untitled, can't really be describes as such. Untitled, at first, reminded me of a 70s powerhouse fragrance. The initial spray is a burst of galbanum: very strong, very green, very moist. Someone described this perfume as smelling something "after the rain," and I think that is very apt. There is a slightly wet, slightly moldy quality to it. But don't get put off by that description, for it is enveloped by a very subtle bitter orange border. The jasmine then kicks in, and it is a very sweet jasmine, silhouetted by the galbanum still, which makes it veiled. All these change are subtle, and substantial, proving how well-blended the fragrance is. It dries down to a soft, musky, woodsy (and still sweet) cedar, with just a hint of incense to wake it up a little bit. The over all effect is still very retro, I think, but its quiet elegance and wearability will instantly make this a modern classic. No wonder I liked it so much, it was created by Daniela Andrier, who created the Prada Infusion series, all of which are favorites of mine. This is perfect for the summer, and for me a green shower in the middle of the desert.

Martin Margiela Untitled

Top notes: Galbanum essence, Box green, Bitter orange blossom absolute
Middle notes: Lentiscus resinoid, Jasmine, Galbanum resinoid
Base notes: Musk (Serenolide), Cedar, Incense resinoid

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