Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Ask Betty (Book Thoughts: If You Ask Me)

If you ask me, this book was kind of a waste. I have never read any of Betty White's books, and I think she has had a couple of them, but after breezing through "If You Ask Me," I asked myself: what was the point of this book? Supposedly written in longhand by Ms. White herself, it really does not say something. I did not buy this book, but had I paid good money for it, I would have been very upset. So, you ask, what exactly is in these pages? Well, shallow anecdotes about her stints in "Hot In Cleveland," where she gushes about her co-stars. She devotes a chapter to her hosting Saturday Night Live, which stemmed from a petition on Facebook. You would think that would be mine for a lot of  interesting stories, but she is timid and vague, and complimentary about everyone at SNL, which, I really find hard to believe considering the stress, pressure and ego that permeate at that kind of environment. Sure, we really shouldn't ask too much from an 89 year old star, but her publishers should. As a product, they have given us something thin and flimsy and not worth the paper to wrap fish in. 

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