Thursday, September 29, 2011

Regretfully (Scent Thoughts: "Not A Perfume," Juliette Has A Gun)

The concept is inviting, for sure. Romani Ricci, head ode of the niche line, Juliette Has A Gun, introduces a perfume for "non-perfume" lovers, called, "Not A Perfume." He brazenly concocts a scent using just one note, just one material : Ambrox, which is a sort-of dilluted version of Amber. I really don't know and cannot be trusted about the technicality of it all.  Months ago, I was at Luckyscent and spritzed myself this perfume....and fell in love with it there instantly. My initial reaction then: it smelled like a sophisticated version of the "Kleenex" smell. I thought it was interesting in its simplicity, even revolutionary. I normally like perfumes that are on the heavy side, I also like them to have character, I tend to gravitate the ones that are layered, texture, and that makes turns. When I saw a discounted bottle of this, I grabbed it.  I normally don't buy a bottle of anything until I have worn them properly; I have been burned a lot of times already. I should listen to my instincts strictly. I finally wore this for the whole day today, and while it is pleasant, and it did smell good, it is quite thin. I don't mind it being linear (I expect it to be, with just one note) but I felt it weak. It did not sustain my interest, and found myself bored with it an hour after. I think this will be great on a hot summer day, but then again, there may be too much alcohol in it that it may evaporate right away. As such, I don't know what to do with this now. I like it, but can't and don't see myself reaching for it. I'll try it again on a different day (maybe on a cold day) but as of right now, this falls under the category of regret.

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