Saturday, February 9, 2013

Love Is A Fortune (Book Review: Fate And Ms. Fortune, Saralee Rosenberg)

 Saralee Rosenberg may or may not like it, but "Fate And Ms. Fortune" is a [perfect example of the genre Chick-lit. I mean that as a compliment. I know that genre has been insulted and ridiculed, but for me it is  still a great description of a wonderful woman-based novel, and it usually is a story of a strong woman who is navigating a road of life and love. Robyn Fortune just got divorced, is coasting as a makeup artist for a difficult news woman, and is trying her hand at being a stand up comedienne. All this as she juggles familial problems, and on top of it, trying to make sense of new relationships in her life. I loved this novel a lot. It was one that I did not want to finish in one sitting, because I loved the company of its main character, as well as the colorful people around her. But what I loved about it most was how spiritual it was, how it tied pieces of magic and religion and energies together, about how welcoming fate and faith in someone's life can accomplish something close to happiness. I liked how Ms. Rosenberg tried to throw us off about her love life, but I still trusted her to give me the ending we wanted her heroine to have. This novel was published seven years ago, and there are fewer novels of its ilk nowadays. This is one of those books I have had for a long time, ad even though it took me a while to finally read it, it was worth the wait.

BC- 10


  1. I read and love this book, too. I don't know what happened to Sarah Lee Rosenberg - she hasn't published a book in six years! I highly recommend her first two books: A Little Help From Above and Claire Voyant - they're funny & fantastic!

  2. I think I have read "A Little Help From Above" and I know I have "Claire Voyant" somewhere. Agreed she is a great writer.