Saturday, February 9, 2013

Not On Broadway (Music Review: Songs From the First Two Episodes of SMASH)

As if this blog isn't "Smash"ed enough, here am I reviewing all four songs that were released to iTunes from the first two episodes.

"Broadway Here I Come," by Joe Iconis was the 11 o clock number from the first episode. It's sung by Jeremy Jordan, playing the character of Jimmy Collins. Jordan sounds good here, and I think he is a very good recording artist - his voice registers well, and is very unique (when you hear his voice, you instantly recognize it as his) In the context of the show, and because it was truncated, the song didn't register as vividly for me, but the single does. It's a great song, poppified by Jordan's performance, and is instantly my favorite among the four songs. 

"Caught In The Storm," by Benj Pasek and Justin Paul is sung by the character of Karen Cartwright, which is played by Katherine McPhee. It is the one song I was most looking forward to, and after several playings, still not sticking to me. It might, still. I have not lost hope on it. I am also not loving McPhee's vocal fries on it, and dare I say it, her voice sounds a bit generic. 

"Mama Makes Three," By Marc Shaiman is from the fictional show "Beautiful," and is sung by Jennifer Hudson. It's a Broadwaycentric gospel-ish dittie, and it would fit right in on a show like "Leap Of Faith," or "Memphis." It's good, it's character driven and it tells a story. Aided by a spirited by Hudson, it's fun and it has a good recall. 

"On Broadway," sung by Jennifer Hudson and Katherine McPhee is the weakest in the lot. It goes nowhere. Hudson sounds strained, and McPhee is barely there. Even in the scene from where it comes from, the song sounded tired. Though it gives a visual of two American Idol "losers" making it big, the good ends there.

I wish they released Megan Hilty's version of  "They Just Keep Moving The Line," but that may be coming in the "Bombshell" cast recording.

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