Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Incense Is Best (Perfume Review: Leau Froide, Serge Lutens)

I reviewed L'eau the other day and gave my thoughts on how I was underwhelmed by it. But I must say, though, that his second scent in his L'eau line, L'eau Froide, has become an instant favorite. And I could only credit one thing for that: incense. I have a particular weakness for any scent that incense-centric, like Commes De Garcon's Avignon, or Kyoto, or my particular favorite, L'Artisan's Passage D'Enfer. I even say sometimes that add an incense note to any perfume and I will buy it. Well, Christopher Sheldrake added incense to L'eau, and it made the perfume so much better. L'eau Froide picks up where L'eau leaves off: the crisp minty fresh opening is still there: a myriad of bergamots and citrus with that transparent watery feel. And then, the frankincense takes center stage: it's resinous, but the citrusy background gives it less of a dirty feel, and it matches. L'eau Froide is a sporty fragrance with a lot more character, and yes, it is very commercial. This could be marketed towards the alpha male demographic and could be very well be successful there. And it is infinitely more interesting than any of the department store counterparts. I have been wearing it recently during the cold weather, and the minty incense-y cloud suits the weather, but I think this is more suited to the summertime where the whiff of smoke will make someone smell prayerfully cool.

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