Friday, February 1, 2013

Mr. Clean (Perfume Review: L'eau, Serge Lutens)

While packing for a trip recently, I was looking through my samples for scents to travel with me, and I realized I had multiple vials of Serge Lutens L'eau. They must have been really pushing this when it first came out, because I literally had five or six of those pre-packaged samples, and I guess I never used them because I remember getting a bottle instantly when it first came out. I mean, it was such a novel idea, for Serge Lutens anyway, at the time: a "clean" fragrance from the master of spicy orientals! But, while I initially didn't dislike L'eau, I also don't remember it. When I wore it during my trip, it still didn't resonate. I look at the notes: aldehydes, magnolia, white mint, white musk, and do not recall them. I wish there was something that stood out: a floral note, or the mint, but nothing. It's pleasant, but so unmemorable. I know that Serge himself has been quoted in interviews that he was going for a more "steamed iron" accord, but that was done much better in the fantastic (but discontinued) John Galliano signature scent. (I will treasure my bottle of that forever) So in the end, Mr. Clean is really Mr. Bland.

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