Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Are The Stars Out Tonight (Music Review: The Stars Are Out Tonight, David Bowie)

David Bowie released a new single today, "The Stars Are Out Tonight." It's the second song he has released off his forthcoming album, "The Next Day," due out 12th of March. I like Bowie a lot, although I can't say I am as big a fan as some friends of mine, who know every breath of his discography. I have one of his Greatest Hits on my iPod, and whenever a song of his comes on,  I always seem to sit up and pay attention. This song is a rocking one - there's an immediate burst of guitars just in the opening.  A friend of mine posted the song and video on my Facebook wall this morning, and my first thought was - isn't it incredible that Bowie still sounds like Bowie after all these years, and I cannot, for example, say the same thing about Paul McCartney or Rod Stewart. This song can very well fit in any of his 70s iconic albums, and once you hear one note of it and you know it's unmistakeably his. It's very melodic, catchy, and very modern sounding. I bet it will still be relevant ten years from now. I cannot wait for the album. 

Here's the fantastic video, with the very great Tilda Swinton. 


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