Monday, February 4, 2013

Escape To London (Book Review: The Holiday, Kate Perr)

Susan Miller of Astrologyzone wrote on my Astrological forecast that January would be a good month for me, in terms of romance. Now it can be told: last month wasn't really the best one for me, in any sense. But it made me think, it made me want to run away, and I found that I could kind of accomplish that by reading one of these "Destination Love Stories," which I got from Amazon for free. It's called "the Holiday," written by Kate Perry. I keep on mistaking her for the young pop star, and of course she is a different person. The book is set in London, to boot, which is probably my favorite European city. You can have Paris, I take London. This is an escapist romantic tale, and has no pretenses otherwise. Leilani lives in Maui, and she meets Colin, who lives in London. It wasn't instant love, it was instant lust. Cut to her flying over to London, and he wants more. After a couple of encounters, he proposes. What is she to do? Let's not kid ourselves and pretend that we do not know where the book leads. It was fun getting there, and fun to take a tour of London. I even discovered some places in Londontown I haven't visited. All in all, this book was a nice escape, something I definitely needed right now. 


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