Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Cover And Warble (Music Review: Telly Leung, I'll Cover You)

Telly Leung is probably best known for his stint in "Glee" as one of The Warblers, but I know him more from the Brodway productions of "Rent," (he was in the last Broadway company," as well as the "Godspell" revival. I also saw him in San Diego in the World Premiere Production of "Allegiance."  Leung possesses a thin tenor voices, and it sometimes can be tinny. But that is no problem, for he uses his voice in the most appealing way, as evidenced by this album. I'll mean this in the most flattering way: he sings like a girl singer. I am not saying he sounds feminine, but his inflections, his phrasing - there is a softness, intimacy in them that I normally get from female singers. The album also has a great, eclectic selection. Each song is a winner, and you can tell that he loves each and every word of everything he sings here, and it would beinfectious if I didn't already love them. My favorites include a jazzy arrangement of "I'm Gonna Laugh You Out Of My Life," and a bouyant "Knocks Me Off My Feet." (I keep on playign the latter over and over) There is no shortness in diva songs: he does a string acoustic "Firework," and a rousing "Papa Don't Preach." He even throws in unknown ditties like The Indigo Girls' "Gallileo" and Holly Cole's "Cry If You Want To." But the tops of all tops for me is midnight live version of "I Believe In You And Me," which has all the shadings of Whitney's version. (I am reminded of the bonus track in the Godspell revival cast recording where he does a soulful 'Learn Your Lessons Well') Leung is a great interpreter of song, I can't wait for more.

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