Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Bland Friendship (Movie Review: Nate & Margaret)

Sometimes you see a movie, and it's just meh. I wish I felt something more about "Nate & Margaret" - either more love or more hate - but I just don't. It's a genial enough movie, but I think I may be too jaded in life now to appreciate just "nice." Maybe I am looking for something more in art, something that attacks at me, something that incites an emotion in me. I think the title is a play on words, liking it to "Harold & Maude." But this film, a story about a friendship between a 52 year old spinster woman and an 18 year old gay man - is too bland for any comparisons. It's not that I did not believe in their friendship - I did - but it was just too natural, and I wanted a spark somewhere that would make their relationship something out of the ordinary. Even on a rental night, this movie was just too plain. 

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