Sunday, September 9, 2012

WHen Text Turns To Love (Book Review: I've Got Your Number)

I have a dilemma. There are parts of "I've Got Your Number" that I absolutely loved. Sophie Kinsella obviously has a great ear for dialogue, and comic situations that I found myself laughing out loud while reading various parts of the novel. But then, these parts are interspersed with an eye-rolling mystery-lite plot and whenever the story goes there, I instantly lose interest (The laughable resolution didn't help, too)  And so now I am at a loss. Do I consider this a good book or not? I feel like with a major reworking and a charismatic cast, this could be a great romantic comedy film, though. I guess it is now time for a romantic story where texting would be as much a character as the people in love. Love stems from connection and communication, and nowadays texting connects people.  Kinsella crafted two interesting characters here, and it was exhilarating to find them falling in love. I just wish they were done under better circumstances.


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