Friday, September 14, 2012

Glee Moves Forward (Television Review: Glee Season Four Premiere Episode)

Does GLEE still have it? I have been wondering myself, actually. I have felt like it has been on a downward spiral of late, with flashing spots of brilliance. Last night's episode, the fourth season premiere, is critical because this is its make-or-break season. It's in a new time slot, and you wonder if its fans will still follow it there, or stop watching altogether. The action for this season gets split between the remaining kids at McKinley High and NYC, where Rachel has moved and enrolled at NYADA. I liked the Rachel storyline better, and I suspect most other fans will identify with her having grown up with the series. I do feel a little shortchanged not seeing some of the other characters. Kurt was annoying in the beginning, but I saw the point that Blaine and his father was telling him: that he has to move on. I loved his father's reaction when he left, because he know that once he leaves, he is forever gone. My interest is piqued: I am in for him and Rachel's New York journey. Back at McKinley, we get introduced to new characters, and it looks like Marley (played by Melissa Benoist) will take center stage : she gets the solos and to further emphasize the point has a back-t-back duet with Lea Michele. Storyline wise, it looks like same ol, same ol. There may be new characters, but their characterizations are nothing new.

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