Saturday, September 22, 2012

Don't Worry About Where You're Going, Move On (Television Review: Go On, NBC)

Maybe because I love Matt Le Blanc in "Episodes," I am rooting for Matthew Perry and his new show, "Go On." Or maybe I am rooting for this show because it has two of my favorite Tony award-winning ladies, Laura Benanti and Julie White. Be that as it may, though, I found myself enjoying the first three episodes and it won't be leaving my DVR soon. It starts Perry as a widower trying to deal with his grief. His manager, played by John Cho (why is he doing second fiddle television roles?) required him to go through grief counseling, and in there he meets a bunch of misfits, and this is good because it opens wide the comic possibilities. Everyone's quirks are still being explored, and I imagine a of of the back stories will be further revealed, but as it is now, there's enough interesting characters for me to tune back. I wish the writing was sharper: jokes fall flat with me and are sometimes predictable. And Perry could be quite predictable as well - this seems like an updated version of Chandler Bing. But I will be patient, and this show, partnered with "The New Normal" could turn out to be a good hour of solid entertainment.

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