Sunday, September 2, 2012

Mindy Weather (Televison Review: The Mindy Project, FOX)

"The Mindy Project," on paper, seemed perfect for me. It stars Mindy Kaling as a 31 year old young doctor navigating her love life. She grew up on rom-coms and sees her life in rom-com colored glasses. She loves sex, so there's a Sex-In-The-City angle. And there's a set up of a will-they or won't-they chemistry with a co-worker (played by Chris Messina) All these should add up to a romantic, love-centric sitcom, but based on the pilot, this plays like a self-absorbed experiment gone awry. I did not find the character likeable at all. She is selfish, and mean. (She discreetly asks her nurses to give her more white patients because those have more insurance, a joke that is morbidly racist) I have never seen an episode of "The Office," where Kaling gained fame, so I am not very familiar with her brand of humor. If this was her flavor over there, then her fans would certainly love this show. It just turns me off. I don't even think I would waste space on my crowded DVR for this show. 

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