Friday, September 21, 2012

The Mirth In Girth (Book Review: Chaser, Rick R Reed)

I liked the premise of "Chaser," by Rick Reed. It is the love story between Caden, who is a chubby chaser, and Kevin the "chub" he meets one night while out in the Chicago gay scene. They have an instant connection, and after one blissful night, they realize that they each have found "the one." But Caden's mother gets sick and he has to go home for a couple of months. During that time, Kevin goes on a diet and loses his beefiness. While he thought that he was making him more attractive for Caden, the shock when they finally see each other again is too much to take, and Caden wonders now if he is able to continue his relationship with him without his "girth." It's a thought-provoking premise, and the first half of the book is wonderful - romantic and sexual without being too much of one or the other. But what could have been a great exploration of fetish vs love turned into a trite soap opera with a one-dimensional villain. It was quite disappointing to have the story sink to a lower level. I found myself shaking my head as the story predictably tied up its loose ends. Such a shame.


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