Sunday, September 30, 2012

Paper Soprano (Music Review: Jackie Evancho Songs From The Silver Screen)

Jackie Evancho is twelve and she can reach high notes. That's as much depth there is in "Songs From The Silver Screen," the wunderkind's new album, primed to sell for the Holiday season. Here she sings wonderful ditties like "Pure Imagination," and "Reflection." I am glad, though that most her songs as age-appropriate, though I was just a bit concerned about her singing about seeing "a stranger across a crowded room" (in "Some Enchanted Evening") and I really don't think she went really deep into what "The Summer Knows" is all about. But then again, she's twelve, so normally someone her age can't really analyze much. (You kind of need life experience for that)  I didn't think I would love this album, but I didn't think I would dislike it as much. It was interminable, her soprano was lifeless, her lyric interpretation non-existent. It was nails on chalkboard bad. The production values were excellent, and most people who love her would be in heaven, but this is close to hell for me.

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