Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Loose-ing Herself (Book Review: Loose Girl by Kerry Cohen)

You know that girl: the slut, the easy one, the "loose one." Kerry Cohen's "Loose Girl: A Memoir Of Promiscuity" is a story of such girl. It's a raw and honest telling of how she slept her way through her youth, and is written vividly and such poignancy that you really feel the pain and the need behind why she did so. Cohen is such a good writer that she lures you into her tale passionately, but then halfway through the book you ask yourself - is there a point to all this? Yes, you realize that this young woman is substituting the affections of random strangers seemingly because she didn't get enough from his parents, but you also do not sense that she is doing anything about it. The end and retribution comes too quickly that it is almost unbelievable for me, and doesn't give a payoff to what you have previously read. On one hand, I admire her very sensitive writing, but in the end it just comes off as a kind of laundry list of all the men she was with. 


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