Friday, July 20, 2012

She's Spinning Around (Book Review: Spin by Catherine McKenzie)

"Spin" by Catherine McKenzie was, for me, an unexpected delight. It is, in the best sense, a celebration of a "hot mess."  It is about a young woman, Kate, who goes "undercover" in rehab to get scoop on a celebutante in exchange for a job at a music magazine. While the premise is somewhat unrealistic, the character has such a funny and unique voice that it all becomes quite believable and very very real. I loved the naturalistic way that characters discover and nurture their relationships. Though some characters may be a bit on the cardboard side, they served their purpose as the story moved forward. This is a great beach/vacation read: there's a lot of 'fun' in it, and even a great lesson to be learned in the end. And though the author, Catherine McKenzie is Canadian, I can sense a bit of British influence in the story and characters ( a lot of pub culture scenes) and of course I am such an Anglophile it just added to my appreciation of the novel. Oh, and also, I must add that I also loved that the love interest was a ginger: we sure don't get as much of those nowadays.


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