Thursday, July 19, 2012

Pink Down To Earth (Scent Review: Stella McCartney L.I.L.Y)

I have a perfume quirk: I don't like it when someone describes my scent as "clean." I don't think perfume should smell clean, for me it's an artistic expression, and for me, smelling "clean" is akin to a blank canvas. So I had to think twice when someone complemented me wearing L.I.L.Y, saying that the perfume smelled clean. But you know what? it does smell clean, it smells fresh, and in this instance, the description seems apt. I had been wanting to sniff Stella McCartney's L.I.L.Y. for a while, for I was/am a big fan of "Stella," her first fragrance. I thought she did a good job of modernizing the rose int hat one, and I had read that she was doing the same thing for muguet, or lily of the valley for this new fragrance. And you know how you can sometimes "envision" a scent? L.I.L.Y is exactly how I thought it would be: a lily of the valley that is soft yet sturdy, modernly classic, and ethereal. I love how even if this is a floral scent, it can easily be worn by a man. There is oakmoss/truffle in it that makes the scent woodsy. And yes, it is definitely clean-smelling but not "washed-out" or aquatic. There is a white musk here that brings the scent down to earth.I think this is a great Summer scent - I wore it on hot, hazy, humid weather and it smelled fresh, but not to fleeting enough on colder days. It's a beauty.

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