Friday, April 6, 2012

Cold Serenity

Since it's Good Friday (and Passover) I wanted to wear something "spiritual," and of course that meant incense. Incense is one of my favorite notes - maybe it's the Catholic in me, I find it reminiscent of prayers, of churches, of the Mass. Kyoto by Commes des Garcon is one of my favorites of this genre. It's incense, but it has a serene, quiet quality that whispers. It is like being in an empty church, with the afternoon sun blazing, and almost fading, through the stained glass windows. The incense, on me, is transparent and a little sweet. Cypress circles the incense all throughout so there's green, but again it is all very transparent. CDG based this on Buddhism and meditation, and when I wear this scent I imagine myself by the woods, by the trees, and it's cold, and it's quiet, and it's peaceful., reflective even. On a day like today, it's most appropriate. 

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