Saturday, April 7, 2012

The Second V

Looking through my Kindle, I wanted to do a "random" choice on what to read next, so just on a lark, I chose "Guyaholic," by Carolyn Mackler. I thought it was a  cute and goofy title, (which I am sure helped) and a couple of pages into it, I realized it was a YA novel, so I thought, this will be nice and stress-free read.  The pacing was great and it was starting to rock.  Then I started to update Goodreads to note that I was currently reading this, and saw that it was Book # 2 of the V Valentine Series, and of course, I haven't read the first book yet. The anal retentive in my went to panic mode. Of course, I do know but for the most part, these books stand on their own. I just let caution to the wind and continued reading, and tried to enjoy this. And I dd. This book was fun, it was meaningful without the message being a hard sell, and I told myself I should do these random selections more. V just graduated from High School, and on the summer before going to BU, she accidentally cheats on the guy she is seeing, and takes a road trip to see her mom in Texas. Okay, so some of the expositions may be a bit forced, but all forgivable. Mackler gives V a great voice, and the one thing I liked about this book is how real the characters seem to be. Nothing is white-washed, and she doesn't treat her target audience with kid gloves. I love how frank it is with sexuality, without being vulgar. The story is at turns funny, and heartbreaking, and uplifting. Now I cannot wait to read the first book - I am adventurous that way !


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