Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Smash Ep 12: Hurray For Bollywood

First things, first, I love the Bollywood musical scene, "One Thousand And One Nights,"  on this week's episode. It's one of those big grand expensive musical numbers, dreamed by Karen as she sits in an Indian restaurant while her new BFF and her boyfriend fight over her. It kind of doesn't make sense - Julia's husband and son are in it when she has never met them - but we won't be sticklers for that kind of thing. And it is really nice to see Raza Jeffrey (Dev) in musical numbers, as people probably don't realize he is an accomplished West End musical performer. This episode was seemingly all about Karen - she gets to song a pop song, and the new musical number for the show is being framed for her. But of course, nothing goes as planned in soaps. Even though Ivy does some questionable tricks to get where she ends up, she sings "Second Hand White Baby Grand," so beautifully - she sings it with intelligent phrasing and nuanced voice shadings that I thought to myself, Ivy: do what you need to do, you deserve the spotlight. Technically, McPhee is a great singer, but Hilty's theater chops prove that she understands the music more. As for Julia's domestic drama storyline, I was prepared to get snarky about it, then I realized that yes, it wasn't too bad, and I loved that scene where Deb Messing spies incognito outside Leo's school to threaten and talk to Leo's best friend. Is a composer really supposed to be powerful? But she was good in that scene, and maybe I have been too harsh with her. One thing, though: Tom crying about Leo running away seems a little too drama queen, no? I am so happy that Anjelica Houston gets to have a cougar love angle, and like everyone else has said, that hair style she has at BAM was gorgeous. And lastly, the least said about Ellis the better. 


  1. i agree about tom crying being a bit over the top. but when something bad happens to a friend, it's hard not to get emotional for them. i was upset last week over my friend's husband having heart problems and going to the hospital. there's even more to it than that. i wouldn't say i cried, but i was shaken up. tom and julia are close, so maybe leo is like a son to him.

  2. Yeah, now that I think about it I do agree. I think it's just the way they presented the scene made him more drama queen-y than usual.