Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Smash Ep 10: Waiting For A Star To Fall

Where is the star? The producers of "Bombshell," the Marilyn Monroe musical, have cast a star, played by Uma Thurman, but she is in Cuba. How very now, because I am truly hearing that it is the next great vacation destination (seriously) so they added a musical number without her, and for David Zanuck, which, in this scene, is played by Christian Borle. And he, and the scene, and the song, is fantastic. It actually almost makes me want to see Borle on "Peter And The Starcatcher," but kiddie musicals is just not my thing. And I am glad we get to see Borle on a musical number. Sometimes even I forget that he plays leading man on Broadway. And they are really setting up his character's love triangle front and center now, and I am thinking, meh, they need to speed this up because it's all just so predictable. And Deb Messing's Julia is still weepy and crying, and I am also thinking they need to speed up her storyline, but I guess her catharsis is needed for morality's sake. Ivy is trying to be good, but obviously they are operating on the notion of making her villain-y, but i really do think that she is more suited for Marilyn than Karen. Watch that scene with McPhee as Marilyn, I just think she is all wrong for the part., and her singing is too "pop" for Broadway anyway.  I have now almost given up with McPhee. I don't know if it's her direction, or she just doesn't have the acting chops, but she now comes across so flat and dull that I hope she does something - and quick - to spike up her presence. Of course, Uma shows up towards the end, with a diva entrance, of course. I thought last night's episode - except for the Borle number - was a bore. Next week's hopefully will be more interesting. 

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