Tuesday, April 17, 2012

SMash Episode 11: The Enemy

I love this scene (above) from last night's episode of SMASH. It's Karen and Ivy getting a drink, and Ivy says to Karen,"Why don't you hate her? She stole our role. She is the enemy." And the show is desperately trying to make Uma Thurman's character, Rebecca Duvall the villain. But guess what? I am not buying it. Her character may be difficult, she may be a pain in the ass, but she did not get by being nice. And yes, Rebecca Duvall was a horrible singer in the beginning, but she works hard, as evidenced by the final musical scene, where she is no better or worse than any movie-star turned Broadway-star on the boards right now. But yes, I know, she is still all kinds of wrong for the part: too leggy, too old, too Uma and not enough Marilyn. Cut to another boring domestic subplot for Julia, and zzzzz - but at least we get to see Brian D'Arcy James eat Deb Messing in any scene they are both in. I am kind of loving the Elaine-bartender story line, mostly because of Anjelica Houston's very light touch - she knows this is a trashy soap, and she just has fun with it. But the best part of last night's episode: a start to Ellis' unraveling, when he gets caught playing Rebecca's agent.  And "the Frogs" is Tom's favorites Sondheim? Really? Really?

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