Sunday, April 15, 2012

Sweet Like Chocolate

There are alcoholics, and sexaholics, and there are emotionaholics. These are people who get very emotional at the slightest provocation, and in this delightful little French gem of a movie, the character of Angelique, played by Isabelle Carre, attends meetings because she just can't handle everything that triggers any kind of emotionality in her life. She is a master chocolatier, and when she applies for a job at The Chococlate Mill, she mistakenly gets a sales representative job. And she falls in love with the owner, Jean Rene, played by the Belgian actor benoit Poelvedore. This is a movie about sweets, and it is sweet, but since this is a French movie, it never gets cloying, or saccharine. Just like the best chocolates, the hint of darkness and bitterness balances the taste out. Clocking at just over an hour, this love story packs just as much of a wallop as a three hour epic movie about a sinking ship. (I figured since everyone is talking about that movie this weekend, I would use it as an example) And the love story isn't cutesy, too. You do believe these two people fallin in love, not test-marketed or chemistry-formulated. You know, like real life. Though the tone may be a bit slow for ADD-addled Americans, one just has to stick with it to see the payoff. Just like life, you ask, why hurry?

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