Sunday, August 12, 2012

Far From The Best (Book Review: The Next Best Thing, Jennifer Weiner)

I wanted to love"The Next Best Thing," by Jennifer Weiner, but I didn't. I didn't dislike it, and it kept me occupied for a day, but it honestly wasn't a memorable read. I thought it was an uneven read. It was part memoir-like, about a writer's experience of having her show greenlit, and what happens when the networks get involved with the original vision. The other part is the relationship between a woman and her grandmother after her parents die from a car accident (and physically scarring the woman) I thought the former was a little more realized than the latter, but still not enough. And the love angle(s) just weren't interesting enough. I also found some inconsistencies with the details, which made me think this was lazy writing. I have not read all of Ms. Weiner's novels, but I do remember reading "In Her Shoes" back in the day and remember loving it. This one, I barely liked. 


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