Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Black Gallery (Television Review: Gallery Girls, Bravo)

Sometimes I like to inflict pain on myself. That could be the reason why I DVRd (I also can't believe I used DVR as a verb) the new Bravo show, "Galley Girls."  Maybe it's boredom, but then again I still have tons of stuff in my drive to watch so I am still at a loss why I started with this. This show is touted to be about the gallery crowd in New York City, and I thought it may be interesting, but based on the first episode, we didn't really get a glimpse of that world, but this really was more of a mean girls vs mean girls type of show, kind of like a modern day Jets vs Sharks, I guess. There are the rich girls, all despicable. Liz is rich, and she is unapologetic about it. Based on her father's connections, she works as an intern at Eli Klein Gallery, but when she gets there. she seems to not want to work, picking and choosing what she wants to do. Maggie used to intern there as well, but had to quit. Cut to the hipsters of the Lower East Side and Billyburg: Claudia and Chantal have started a new space: a combination art gallery/boutique called "End Of Century." They have a friend, Angela, who have doctors as parents, but she wants to model nude and flirt with an Australian photographer, and that seems to be the extent of the depth of her character. These are really young girls I would never want to spend any time with in real life, yet I still question why I have this morbid thought of watching their whole series. I am sick in the head.

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