Thursday, August 23, 2012

I Miss The Hungry Years (Film Review: The Hungry Years)

I almost saw "Hunger Games" at the cinemas earlier this year, but then I never did. I tried reading the book, but got really bored by it. Or maybe I never really gave it a chance because now, after seeign the movie on Blu-Ray, I am compelled to give it a second chance. I liked "The Hunger Games," the movie. As a matter of fact, I liked it a lot, and no one is more surprised about it than I. It's really not my kind of movie, my kind of genre, my scene. But it was a lonesome Saturday night, and I got so engrossed by it. I think, because, the heart of the piece is love, and I celebrate that whenever I see it. And, it gave me a glimpse of what our society can potentially be - with our obsession with celebrity and "reality." I thought both Jennifer Lawrence and Josh Henderson gave wonderful performances, and any way  I can support Josh is energy well spent, because he is a fierce advocate of LGBT issues. SO sue me, I have become a fan of this, and I am not even ashamed of it.

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