Friday, August 31, 2012

Musk, Beautiful, And Dirty

Sometimes I encounter a scent and I fall in love with it instantly, and that was the case with Theo Fennell scent. I do not know much about Mr. Fennell except that he is a known British designer. But bless his heart for creating a great modern scent that is a throwback to the wonderful Oriental scents that very few are creating nowadays. And then bless his heart twice for creating one with skank. I used to be very afraid of cumin-centric scents but I have now learned the lesson of my ways. At first spritz, Theo Fennell is straight up dirty musk, Yet it is blended so well with rose and saffron, and orchids that it is never less than elegant. It's a white-ish musk and it is dirty, I tell ya, but thankfully the cumin never really overpowers. It is there to provide just enough balance amidst the floral petals. There is a brief heart note of powders and then it dries back down to the musk beautifully comingling with the flowers in the background with just the right mix of vanilla and sandalwood. This is a perfume that blooms, as a perfume should. It isn't as raw as Serge Lutens MKK - this is more a dirty woman in a ball gown. Imagine sex in a beaded ball gown, and you get this beautiful creation. This scent has been called a masterpiece by Luca Turin and Tania Sanchez, and they are absolutely correct. The worst part is that this scent has allegedly been discontinued, but I scored a bottle off "the bay" cheap and I will be treasuring it.

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