Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Unexceptionally (Scent Review: Exceptional...Because You Are)

Look, I am not beneath wearing a "cheap" perfume. As a matter of fact, I sometimes discover great scents at cheap prices (the Les Senteures Gourmandes line, for example) and I would be the first one to scream about it. I confess to liking a lot of the scents offered at Bath & Body Works and Body Shop. But sometimes, you get perfumes who pretend to be something they're not, and they even have the arrogance to price themselves mid-line. Such is the case in "Exceptional...because you are." First of all, what a cheap name for a perfume. It's condescending, and the packaging is reminiscent of the Philosophy line. I wouldn't have minded if the scent had some kind of character, but it is so generic and mediocre that I kind of resent it taking time in my wrist. It opens with a generic synthetic floral bouquet, there are some lilies and sweet pea there somewhere, but they just sell like faceless chemicals. It then becomes pretty linear, and develops to a generic powdery finish. You know it's there, but you wish it had developed into something. I swear, a B & B Works scent has more complexity. And they have the gall to price this at 54.95 MSRP. Believe you me, you can scout the internet for thousands of other scents cheaper, and with more personality than this. I seriously cannot find a reason for this perfume existing.

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