Thursday, January 10, 2013

Lisa Vanderpump Carrington Colby (Television Review: Vanderpump Rules)

"Casa Blanca is where you bring your wife. Sur is where you bring yoru mistress," Lisa Vnaderpump exclaims at the beginning of the pilot episode of Vanderpump Rules. So she sets up the series with only one thing in mind: sex, sex, and more sex. This spin-off from RHOBH is cast with young, beautiful people. I think of it as a modern-day Melrose Place. One of the cast members even says that there have been a merry go round of them sleeping with each other. I don't know whether to laugh or cry, actually. The first episode concentrates on the storyline concerning Scheanna. You should know her - she was the young lady that Eddie Cibrian was cheating with while he was still with Brandi, but ultimately Eddie left Brandi for country singer LeeAnn Rimes. Scheanna is new at Sur, and is being subjected to mean girl Staasi's shenaningans (whatever happened to people named Stacy and Sheena?) and we are asked to root for Scheanna after her being portrayed as a homewrecker. Morals aren't really high priority among these people, apparently. But you know what? Damn it if it wasn't entertaining. I will have to admit, trash is good sometimes, and this one may just have me hooked. Lisa Vanderpump is interesting as a modern day Alexis Carrington Colby, complete with British accent - and she acts that way, too. 

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  1. I just love Lisa Vanderpump..she is on point but who is Peter? He is HOT!!!