Sunday, January 13, 2013

Pre-Catfish (Book Review: Fake Boyfriend, Kate Brian)

After reading my previous back, which was emotionally heavy to carry, I wanted to switch to something mindless and fun, so I started reading "Fake Boyfriend" by Kate Brian. It's a cute (if cruel) premise. Vivi and Lane, are sick of their friend Isabelle always going back to her abusive relationship, so they create a fake profile on MySpace (this book was written in 2007) to distract her attention away from her loser boyfriend. Of course, as these things go, nothing happens as they should. My first thought about the whole set up is that this really happened at a more innocent time with regards to the internet. Online life is much bigger now, so something like this would be hard to pull off. And, people in general, and I would think especially young people, would be more wary to act and react if faced with a similar situation. But as a story, it was interesting enough, and Ms. Brian has created innovative twists and turns to make the story  lot less predictable. Even I was thrown off for just a tiny bit, and I am the most jaded person I know. This was a genuine diversion for me, and it entertained me as I tried to recover for my three week old cold.  And the cover was just too cute to ignore.


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