Saturday, January 5, 2013

Among My Favorites : Television 2012

Among my favorite television from 2012: 

1.  SMASH (NBC) - Yes, it's the show that everyone loved to hate. But you have got to admit, its pilot is one of the best in a long time. It literally made my heart beat faster, and made me want to see the show, for forever. I would even venture to say that the strength of the pilot made me stay with it even if a lot of things went wrong, after the first episode. 

2.  EPISODES (Showtime) - My favorite sitcom right now - yes it's irreverent, and maybe too British, but it's laugh out loud hilarious. I found myself doing the ugly laugh whenever it is on. And Matt Le Blanc - who knew there was more to him than Joey?

3. VEEP (HBO) - Julia Louis Dreyfuss is a Goddess. I was never really a fan of hers, but her acerbic Vice President is gross and real, and really really funny. 

4. NEWSROOM (HBO) - yes, it's preachy (and to the choir) but damn it if it isn't riveting week after week. 

5. BROADWAY OR BUST (PBS) - A reality talent competition show that is close to my heart, and for once, I aw a lot of talent. 

Half I Liked:  GLEE (Fox) - The episodes focusing on Rachel & Kurt in NYC re-energized the series, teh storylines back home in Ohio dragged it down. 

Still On The Fence: The New Normal (NBC) - I still don't love it, and it keeps me coming back every week. 

Most Improved: Heart Of Dixie (CW) - The characters are now fully-fleshed out, and each one lovably crazy. 

Most Consistent: The Good Wife (CBS) - As good as teh first episode, after all these years. 

Disappointment: DTLA (Logo) - A hot mess. 

Guilty Pleasure - Bravo series. I can't help it - I regularly watch "Watch What Happens Live," and the Housewives, and the Decorators, and the Real Estate agents. I don't like them all, but they draw me back week after week. 

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