Tuesday, March 11, 2014

You Must Believe In Spring (Perfume Review: Jardin du Poete, Eau D'italie)

When lonely feelings chill
The meadows of your mind,
Just think if Winter comes,
Can Spring be far behind

These are the lyrics of the song "You Must Believe In Spring," and it's kind of apt poetry for right now.  The days are now longer, thanks to Daylight Savings Time, and the nip in the air is but by sunshine, and more than anything we just want that gruesome Winter to now be just a memory. So I set on finding a scent to match this mood, and for once I find myself not craving the heavy oriental, but something light, and green, flowery and pretty. I look through my pile of samples and find Eau d'Italie's Jardin du Poete, and I don't even think twice and put it on. Suddenly, it's 75 degrees, and I am in Sicily, walking through a lush garden. It's instant bliss. It's a poetic scent, if there ever was one. It starts as an herbal green: bitter orange, grapefruit, a touch of basil. Then flowers come in: angelica, cassis, immortelle. They all blend together seamlessly, and the effect is a floral melange framed by green. I also get vegetal hints - bell pepper? tomato ? (tomato leaf, probably) and they give the scent a heft. It is not citrus, nor floral, and it's more on the metallic cold side. A lot of people compare it to L'Artisan's Fleur de Liane (which I also love) but this more "real" smelling, as opposed to the latter which I compare more to a painting of a garden. I haven't been fond of the Eau d'Italie line: i remember one of its bestsellers, Magnolia Romana was a scrubber for me, smelling like Glade. But maybe not now, but when the weather really warms up, I would crave this. My complaint, though: longevity was short, and sillage was minimal.

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