Thursday, March 27, 2014

Born Too Nate (Book Review: Better Nate Than Never, Tim Federle)

Why am I reading this book, Tim Federle's "Better Nate Than Ever,"  just now? I have read so many people of like interest rave about this that it is a wonder it took me a year until I finally got this book. I think it's because I have literally thousands of books on my to-be-read pile I couldn't justify buying a book. The other day, after Amazon gave me credit for their price-fixing suit, this was the first book that came to mind when I was deciding what to spend that credit on. What a great decision, as this is one of the better books I have read in the recent past. It tells the story of thirteen-year old Nate who travels alone from a Pittsburgh suburb to New York City to audition for a role in "E.T. the Musical."  Federle peppers the book with so many musical theater references that I am sure this book would be more enjoyable for a show queen (like myself) than a regular teenager, which if I am not mistaken, is the target market for the book. I understood every inside joke, and felt every New York City reference. I felt that this book was made by me, or for me. Yes, it could feel a little too twee at times, and I must admit some jokes felt shoehorned, but this book is joyful and the cliffhanger at the end took my breath away. So I am just glad that I waited too long to read the book that the sequel/encore, titled "Five Six Seven Eight" is already available, and I should start reading it in five, four, three two....

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