Monday, March 3, 2014

A Warhol Rose (Perfume Review: Rose Anonyme, Atelier Cologne)

I feel like I just keep on writing bout rose fragrances over and over again,  but yes, I am a self-confessed rose whore. I blame it on my mother - she loved roses, and rose scents - so for me, a rose is not just a rose. I have been trying to use up my mountain of samples, and chanced upon Atelier Cologne's Rose Anonyme.  The press notes for this perfume include a story - and this one has a kind of intriguing one:

“She turned the dial until the safe opened, revealing the diamond. She had stolen jewels before, but none compared with this one. She left a single rose and the scent of her perfume in its place for him to find. In a moment she’d be halfway around the world and he would be in pursuit. The chase began again…”

Well, the story reminded me of the one from L'Artisan's Voleur de Roses, and while that one is similarly a rose/patchouli combo, Rose Anonyme can't be farther from that creation. Rose Anonyme starts out with ginger and rose, and is instantly fresh-smelling. Then a "paper" note comes in - I think it is benzoine - and it starts to smell kind of synthetic, and plastic-y. While that sounds horrid, I mean it as a compliment. The rose is heightened by it, and it becomes a rose pained by Andy Warhol: bold, neon, loud, but not shouting.  Atelier's scents give a "fresh" vibe, because of the cologne inspiration, and it is at the same time subdued and classy. Then an oud comes in, but it is far from the medicinal one. This one just gives it just a grey gauze, and it makes the rose fuller, and enhances the jammy aspect of the flower. The scent doesn't have a lot of transition, and it starts out kind of familiar, but the over all picture is so pretty that I found myself besotted by it. This smells very modern, not a traditional rose bouquet. It's also very romantic, perfect for that third date when you want to have a fragrant scent track sillage, which is good. The longevity is good - my sample wore the whole day. The worst part? I hate this, as I will be obsessing about a full bottle of this.

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  1. Can’t say much about the perfume, but those lines are beautiful. The fragrance will be equally wonderful, I hope.