Monday, March 10, 2014

Hashtag Unlikeable (Book Review: Drinking And Dating, Brandi Glanville)

As a fan of "Real Housewives Of Beverly hills," and also because I read her first book, I felt compelled to read "Drinking & Dating," by Brandi Glanville. Though I can't help but be cautious about this book since i have not liked her on the show this season. As a book, this is readable, and you will just find pages flying as you get into it. But the content, oh, so many contradictions, so many hypocrisies, so many vulgar references. It got really tiring after a while. She has said in interviews that she will not talk about her ex-husband in this book, but of course she broke that code in the very first chapter. On another, she writes that he never said anything about LeAnn Rimes, then on another she half-apologizes for everything she has said about her. I can't help but think, "move on, girl" It seems like she has been trying to milk this victim ex-wife gig for a while now. And she talks about all these hookups and dates with famous people but she is shy about naming names. Why all of a sudden so shy? (Yes, I know, it's probably a legal thing)  After reading the book I came into liking her a lot less. 

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