Thursday, March 27, 2014

The Motion Of Potion (Perfume Review: Dsquared2 Potion)

I remember when I first tried DSquared2's Potion.  It was in London, about two years ago. I had been unimpressed with the whole DSquared2 scent line, from sampling them I thought they smelled generic and aquatic. But I was at Harvey Nichols, and at the time Potion was exclusive to them, and I remember there wasn't anything to sniff so I went ahead and indulged myself. Initially, I thought it was okay and went on my merry way... only to be haunted by it later, I remember liking Potion a lot, but there were so many other exclusives in London at the time I thought to just look for it at Heathrow if I saw it at a good price. But then i didn't, and for some reason or another never saw it again. I don't think it really got major distribution in the US, but at the same time never really looked for it (I am not particularly a fan of Dsquared2's fashion line so that added to my apathy) Cut to now, and I am wearing it again. I now remember why I like it - it is  cold spicy scent, which is kind of unusual. It opens with cinnamon, but that quickly goes away to some kind of vanilla amber accord, and it is quite pleasing. It. The spices stay in the heart - basil? thyme? pepper? - but they never warm up. The musk/vanilla base keeps them all grounded. The dry down is unique, for a mainstream male scent, and really, there's a lot to be said for that. My big complaint, though, is that it is weak. On skin, it only stayed for a couple of hours, and sillage is so faint that even at first spray, I had to do it over, and over, because it felt like I had nothing on. This potion needs to be motioned in order for it to work.

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