Saturday, March 29, 2014

Charmed, I'm Sure (Television Review: Southern Charm, Bravo,, Mondays at 10 pm)

This says a lot about my Saturday: I just binge-watched the first five episodes of Bravo's new reality series "Southern Charm," and I am kind of worn out.  These people are exhausting. Who are they? The "main" character here is Thomas Ravenal, a former politician who was convicted of a drug felony and served less than a year for it (Of course, most people in he cast say "he served his time")  Anyway, he is now contemplating of running again for public office. Which begs the question, if you were really thinking of doing that, then why did you sign up for a reality series where we can see you bedding different women and getting drunk all the time? He hooks up with Kathryn, a pretty young redhead (think a young Julianne Moore) who has, by the second episode, slept wit half the male cast. By the fourth episode, she even gets a pregnancy scare and is unsure who the father is. Then there's Shep, a womanizing boy-man who doe nothing but parties from Wednesday to Sunday. And there's Craig, who is a young lawyer but would also rather party. But I gotta say, though, Bravo makes this train wreck really addictive. This is sort of the Southeast aristocratic Vanderpump Rules, where relationships are incestuous, and the characters are either despicable or a bore. It is that kind of television that eats your mind and soul, but, honestly, once I started watching it I couldn't stop myself from finishing and wondering what train wreck these people are going to do next.  I bet some of these situations are staged beyond belief. I bet some of the cast members are acting. But hell if I take it out of my DVR.

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