Sunday, March 2, 2014

Marriage Equality (Television Review: Looking For Plus One, Looking Episode 7)

It's the second to the last episode, and before everything, I just want to write that I am ecstatic that HBO is giving "Looking" a major chance to find an audience: it recently got renewed for a second season. I think this is a show that will benefit from some binge watching. Audience can appreciate its slower pace if the next episode is readily available. Anyway, on tonight's episode, all our characters are in turmoil. Patrick's sister is getting married, and he has invited Richie, but he is so nervous about him being there that he acts like a total dick to him and Richie wises up, and just past the Golden Gate Bridge gets off the car, leaving Patrick to go to the wedding alone, which may be precisely what he wanted in the first place anyway. We meet his mother and fond out why - she may have a judgmental streak and Patrick is petrified of how she would react to Richie. We get to understand why Patrick has been acting like he has - besides his relationship greenness, his family may not be the most accepting. Another surprise greets him at the wedding. The groom is apparently friends with Kevin's partner, and he is shocked to see his boss there. And you can see in his eye that he is totally in love with Kevin, as he probably feels that he is the kind of guy he can take home to his Mama. It was pretty jarring to see Julia Duffy as Groff's mother, it actually made *me* feel old.  There is a very telling scene: he makes a call to Richie and leaves a voice mail for him, apologizing. This is after he sees Kevin and John in a tender moment.  Meanwhile, Dom is opening a restaurant and has control issues with Lynn while Agustin reaches a breaking point with Frank when he reveals to him that he paid CJ money to have sex with Frank.  I wish I could say I was interested with these two story lines but I wasn't, especially in Augustin's case. I can't believe his story arc is so uninteresting., and we have one episode left. Are we going to see him move back to room with Patrick? Yawn.

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