Sunday, March 30, 2014

Rose's Advocate (Perfume Review: Hermes Rose Ikebana)

I need another rose perfume like a hole in my head. So of course, when I was at the Hermes store, the first thing I sprayed when I was at the Hermessence section was Rose Ikebana. I have not sniffed most of the Hermessence line, and I think it's because I have always been afraid of its price point. Or more to the fact, I am scared I would fall in love with it, and then obsess over one of them. I love the name Rose Ikebana, too, and in my mind I am conjurign a Japanese Ikebana bouquet, and my mind is reeling from all of the possible Jean Claude Ellena image associations of his rose interpretation. And the opening is a cold arctic  grapefruit blast, and then a full-bloomed rose explodes. It is pretty strong, and it is a red-yellow rose. It's watery but not aquatic, sheer but not thin. It's instantly loveable,a nd for a rose scent lover like myself, heaven scent. Then it becomes even lovelier as the rhubarb comes in, and yes, it is a classic fruity floral, in the best possible definition of that term. As I wore it longer, the rose stays, and it is a clear transparent rose. It never really develops further, but it really doesn't need to. So here comes the dilemma: it is a beautiful creation, but it isn't terribly original. I can probably think of ten fragrances that are comparable, and some at budget prices even. While this is surely done with the best raw materials, does that justify its price tag? There's a part of me that says yes, because this is an easy to wear scent that is artistic and will never go out of style. The practical Virgo in me, though, is asking why bother? I don't know who in the angel and devil on my shoulders will win. At the same time, I am also at odds as to which opinion is the angel's, and which one is the devil's.

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