Thursday, June 4, 2015

A Dull Murder (Film Thoughts: Let's Kill Ward's Wife)

Everyone hates Stacey.  Her friends annoy her, and she is a pain in the ass to Ward and his friends. So there is only one way to get rid of her, right? By killing her. If you find that premise funny, then you may like "Let's Kill Ward's Wife," a black comedy of sorts. Written and Directed by Scott Foley (I know everyone knows him now from 'Scandal,' but to me he will always be Noel from 'Felicity') it starts out kinda fun, but by midpoint, you kind of feel all of them trapped with nowhere to go. They had this big idea but nowhere to go with it. I will watch anything Patrick Wilson is in, so I finished the movie, but then I had to ask myself, "Why?"

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