Saturday, June 6, 2015

Love In The Afternoon (Film Thoughts: 5 To 7)

Imagine if Woody Allen today were still writing love stories. What you would get would be very similar to "5 to 7." This is a movie that was made for someone like me - it tells of a love story that any other person would think would be doomed from the start: a young man gets infatuated with an older married French woman. When she first meets him, she says she is only available to meet from 5 to 7 pm, which is a code for her wanting just an affair. he is hesitant at first, but acquiesces to the set up, and the rules. This film captures that feeling when someone just falls in love, and throws caution to the wind, and just dives in that pool, not caring, not thinking five steps ahead. You know you are going to be hurt, you can practically taste the hurt, but still, nothing compares to the euphoria of being in love. We have all been there. It wouldn't take a genius to tell where this love story is headed, but it gets there so beautifully, in a poetic, romantic, heady kind of way. I was enchanted, I felt ever single scene of this movie. Anton Yelchin, as Brian, will make you remember that feeling of love, and he engages you in his love instantly.  This is also for me, a New York film. the city and its inhabitants are a separate character here. It made me miss it, it made me want to fly right now and sit t a bench by Central Park. I can't remember the last time a film really touched me, and I hope this film means as much to you. Please see it.


  1. I saw a sign for this on a subway and was wondering what it was about. Thanks for the reco!