Wednesday, June 10, 2015

A Fraudulent Life (Television Thoughts: Younger Season One Finale: The Old Ma'm and The C)

After watching the season finale of "Younger," I realize the series has to be redefined a bit for Season 2. I guess the first season is for Liza to fully know herself, and we as a viewer did as well.  It dealt with ageism, and how youth centered our society can be. It defined Liza and her relationships - first with Josh, then Kelsey, her boss, even her daughter. At the end of the season, we see her firmly standing ground - even staying above fray to keep her dignity (with regards to dealing with an ex-colleague blackmailing her, for example.) I was kind of expecting some kind of big cliffhanger, but we only get quiet ones. It was nice to see her in a better place with Josh. I don't think they are going to rush back to them having their relationship back right away, but it should be interesting to see where they go from here, with Josh knowing her "secret."  Liza's daughter coming home should also widen the net for Season 2. I wonder, for example, how she would deal with Josh. I can imagine her being attracted to him as well, and that could provide more conflict between mother and daughter. A lot of questions that set us up for season two, and I cannot wait till January. I must say that Sutton Foster is great here, showing strength, and vulnerability at the same time. I like that they are using how awkward Sutton is to fit her character - I never get that Liza is ever truly glamorous, for example. I feel she will always have some kind of insecurity in her. I think I have written before that I feel Hillary Duff is somewhat wasted - weren't they setting her character up to be some kind of doormat for her boyfriend? I guess that went nowhere. I hope she gets to do a little more next season. Al in all, I love this show, though, and you know I will be there January.

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